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Golden State gets Crawful

ESPN is reporting the Knicks and Warriors have agreed to swap Al Harrington and Jamal Crawford, and that it could be finalized by the end of the day today.  This might be the biggest trade of perennially underachieving disappointments since Tim Thomas was traded for Keith Van Horn (the second time.)

On the court, the Knicks address their need for an athletic true center, while the Warriors get someone to play “point guard,” if that’s what they’re calling Crawford these days, so their whole backcourt doesn’t rest on the shoulders of Anthony Morrow.  Harrington requested a trade right before the season started and hasn’t been given any playing time in recent games.  The contracts are pretty close, though Harrington’s expires a year before Crawford’s (in time for the Vaunted 2010 Free Agent Class.)

Bottom line, this puts the Knicks closer to making a move in 2010 (which will blow up in their faces down the road) and makes the Warriors not much more interesting.

UPDATE: The Knicks aren’t done, sending Zach Randolph and Mardy Collins to the Clippers for Cuttino Mobley and Tim Thomas.  With Thomas coming back to NY and Mobley just missing out on a long-awaited embrace with Steve Francis by a few years, that puts the Knicks about $16 million closer to being ready for the 2010.  As for the Clips, they will apparently do anything you ask them to, because why not?


Well that sucks for you

This guy can sympathize

This guy can sympathize

Monta Ellis is going to miss at least three months after ankle surgery according to Marc Stein.  Not a good sign, as he was supposed to step in and pick up where Baron Davis left off on a team that should have been in the playoffs last season.

Now Don Nelson has to head into the season with Laptop Williams as his likely starting PG.  A backcourt of Williams and S Jax, while useful in certain situations (armed robbery) isn’t what I think of as an ideal Nellyball backcourt.

I genuinely feel sorry for Golden State (and I, as a Wolves fan, rarely feel sorry for anyone.)  From their electrifying playoff run in 2007, they spend the next year scratching and clawing for the right to be the best team ever to wind up in the lottery.  Then they draft another dumbass stick figure form LSU, lose Baron Davis, overpay for Maggette, and the one good thing they actually managed to accomplish (keeping Monta, Dre Breezy and Buke) is practically wiped out with Monta missing this much time.  And it’s only going to get worse if you give Chris Mullin a high pick, because he’ll use it on someone shitty.

Hope you enjoyed relevance, Golden State.