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Golden State gets Crawful

ESPN is reporting the Knicks and Warriors have agreed to swap Al Harrington and Jamal Crawford, and that it could be finalized by the end of the day today.  This might be the biggest trade of perennially underachieving disappointments since Tim Thomas was traded for Keith Van Horn (the second time.)

On the court, the Knicks address their need for an athletic true center, while the Warriors get someone to play “point guard,” if that’s what they’re calling Crawford these days, so their whole backcourt doesn’t rest on the shoulders of Anthony Morrow.  Harrington requested a trade right before the season started and hasn’t been given any playing time in recent games.  The contracts are pretty close, though Harrington’s expires a year before Crawford’s (in time for the Vaunted 2010 Free Agent Class.)

Bottom line, this puts the Knicks closer to making a move in 2010 (which will blow up in their faces down the road) and makes the Warriors not much more interesting.

UPDATE: The Knicks aren’t done, sending Zach Randolph and Mardy Collins to the Clippers for Cuttino Mobley and Tim Thomas.  With Thomas coming back to NY and Mobley just missing out on a long-awaited embrace with Steve Francis by a few years, that puts the Knicks about $16 million closer to being ready for the 2010.  As for the Clips, they will apparently do anything you ask them to, because why not?


Iverson to Detroit?

MLive is reporting that there is a tentative agreement between the Nuggets and Pistons to trade Allen Iverson to Detroit for Chauncey Billups and Antonio McDyess.

Wow.  If this is true, things just got weirder in both cities.  My thoughts on this as more information comes through.

UPDATE: ESPN is reporting Cheik Samb has been thrown in to the deal.  It still has not been finalized, but the Nuggets may waive McDyess once it is, which would allow him to go back to Detroit.

My thoughts: From Denver’s perspective, it fills their biggest need (outside of a non-crazy coach and an overall commitment to defense,) point guard.  In Colorado’s own Chauncey Billups, they have someone who can effectively run the floor, is a veteran leader and knows how to score.  Most of Iverson’s scoring will likely be replaced by Billups and JR Smith, who will move back into the starting rotation.  McDyess is almost certainly not playing in Denver.  He is expected to either retire or negotiate a buyout.  The downside is that Chauncey takes up a lot of cap space and is on the books through 2011, by which point he will have begun his decline.

Detroit, on the other hand, just traded away one of it’s best players for cap space, which is never a good move.  They do get Iverson to try and make a push for a trip to the Finals and a starting backcourt of AI and Rip Hamilton (or Rodney Stuckey and AI with Hamilton a sixth man) could prove very potent.  The real action will come in the offseason, as the Pistons will now have a ton of cap space to attract a big time free agent either this year (Shawn Marion, Carlos Boozer, Ron Artest) or in 2010 (Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Joe Johnson.)  But nobody ever builds a championship team via free agency, and many big signings leave teams with a good player being paid like a great one.

Clearly Joe Dumars felt the need to gamble, and the direction the Pistons take over the course of the next decade will likely be determined by this move and the subsequent follow ups in the next two offseasons.

“Blockbuster” three team trade completed

Bringing his pixie charm to Brewtown USA

Bringing his pixie charm to Brewtown USA

In a move that will send shockwaves Bose Radio Waves through the Eastern Conference, Cleveland, Milwaukee and Oklahoma City have agreed on a three way trade that will send Mo Williams to the Cavs, Adrian Griffin, Damon Jones and Luke Ridnour to the Bucks and Joe Smith and Desmond Mason to the ProbablyLikelyThunder.

Seeing as how they’re the only good team in this deal, let’s start by looking at this from Cleveland’s perspective.  They didn’t really give up anyone of value, as Damon Jones has long outlived his usefulness and JJ Hickson’s development will mean more to this team than Joe Smith (BTW, this now marks the tenth transaction Joe Smith has been involved in throughout his career.  Is it worse to be a former #1 overall pick who is seen as a worldwide bust or one who is seen as servicable trade fodder?)  In Williams, they have a point guard who can score more efficiently and run an offense better than Larry Hughes could, with a more manageable contract to boot.  The only problem might be his poor perimeter defense, but I’m sure Mike Brown thinks he can fix this.  Overall, good move (or at least attempt) by the Cavs.

Thunderface came out of this looking okay as well.  As they’ve still got another year of rebuliding to do before they can think of making a big move, they got about $10 million in expiring contracts, which combined with their other expiring contracts of Donyell Marshall and Chris Wilcox next year is going to give them a ton of cap space for the summer of 2009.  It also frees up the potential logjam at point guard, meaning Russell Westbrook can get a decent amount of playing time.  Plus, they got a hometown boy in former Oklahoma State star Desmond Mason to help bring in confused and frightened locals.

But the Bucks?  I don’t know man © Q-Tip.  I understand why they got rid of Williams.  There’s no way a Williams-Redd backcourt would have done anything, and Ridnour’s more of a pass-first PG than Williams was.  While I don’t doubt he can the ball in Redd and Richard Jefferson’s hands, Scott Skiles can’t be happy that they swapped one point guard who can’t play D for another.  The offense likely won’t miss a beat from last year, but offense was never this team’s problem.  The only upside for Bucks fans will be the sight of Damon Jones doing some crazy shit at one of thoe North Ave/Water Street clubs that seem to do nothing but get Milwaukee athletes in trouble (word to Bobby Simmons and Torre Johnson.)

And Ron Ron’s a Rocket

It's funny because it's true

Ron Artest to Houston for Bobby Jackson, a first rounder and Donte Green as broken by the Houston Chronicle. Not a bad deal for both teams. Houston gets a great defender who likes playing for Rick Adelman and (they hope) will be the missing piece to getting them out of the first round. Sacramento gets a decent expiring contract, a nice young prospect in Greene and a draft pick for someone who they absolutely had to get rid of. Sure beats the prospect of trading him within the division and only getting back Lamar Odom.

The real key to this is that it now opens the door for Tru Warrier records to become a major player. With unfiltered access to Houston’s hip-hop scene, it’s only a matter of time before we get a screwed and chopped version of My World.