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Weekend retro ad: Cheese Eyes and Bad Dad for McDonalds

The extended version.


Well that sucks for you

This guy can sympathize

This guy can sympathize

Monta Ellis is going to miss at least three months after ankle surgery according to Marc Stein.  Not a good sign, as he was supposed to step in and pick up where Baron Davis left off on a team that should have been in the playoffs last season.

Now Don Nelson has to head into the season with Laptop Williams as his likely starting PG.  A backcourt of Williams and S Jax, while useful in certain situations (armed robbery) isn’t what I think of as an ideal Nellyball backcourt.

I genuinely feel sorry for Golden State (and I, as a Wolves fan, rarely feel sorry for anyone.)  From their electrifying playoff run in 2007, they spend the next year scratching and clawing for the right to be the best team ever to wind up in the lottery.  Then they draft another dumbass stick figure form LSU, lose Baron Davis, overpay for Maggette, and the one good thing they actually managed to accomplish (keeping Monta, Dre Breezy and Buke) is practically wiped out with Monta missing this much time.  And it’s only going to get worse if you give Chris Mullin a high pick, because he’ll use it on someone shitty.

Hope you enjoyed relevance, Golden State.

Random NBA/Olympic thoughts

  • Jerry Colangelo is sticking around to oversee USA Basketball through the 2012 Olympics.  Can’t say anything bad about this one.  USA Basketball gambled that one guy could run the show better than a committee and won big.  He’ll have carte blance to do whatever the hell he wants from here on out, having more authority over a national sports program than anyone since Gordon Bombay allowed his team to hit the ice wearing this.
  • As for a new coach, if K doesn’t want to come back, go with Nate McMillan, Byron Scott or Billy Donovan.  Wildcard?  Doug Collins.
  • The only one on Team USA I really feel sorry for?  Michael Redd.  Not only did he barely get to play, but now he has to go from a well-functioning, talented group to the Bucks.
  • Speaking of Redd, does Team USA really need a specialized three-point threat?  Someone brought this up over on OKaySports the other day and I have to say I agree.  Since he played such limited minutes, he was never able to get in a rhythm and do what he does best, instead of shooting under 30% from behind the arc.  Plus, if we stay aggressive on defense and go for steals, lock down opposing teams key scorers and make our free throws, the games aren’t close enough to need a designated shooter.
  • In 2012 this team could have as many as five players from the class of 2007.  Kevin Durant could be a top scoring option, Mike Conley could fit in as a backup point guard, Al Horford could come off the bench down low, Greg Oden could be a true backup center and either Corey Brewer or Joakim Noah could play the Tayshaun role.
  • This is the first time I’ve ever really liked seeing Nike’s System of a Dress style on a uniform.  It looked clean and stylish. Now if they could only make it not suck for college.
  • A thought for the 2016 games.  3-on-3 basketball, like hoops’ version of beach volleyball.  Outdoor, on blacktop, amateurs only, check.  You wouldn’t watch this?
  • Paul Pierce probably uses a lot of really outdated slang.  Like things no one has said since Menace II Society was in theatres.  I can see him giving Kendrick Perkins and Big Baby a ride somewhere and then asking them if they got snaps on the petro and them looking at him clueless.
  • Has anyone signed Juwan Howard yet?  If not, that’s going to be a lot of pressure on Kevin Love to have the NBA’s most well-kept beard.  He may not be able to handle that role until his second year.

Weekend Retro Ad: Shaq’s Taco Neck (PAUSE)

NOTE: Volume’s a little low on this one.

Blink and you’ll miss Eddie Jones and Derrick Fisher as “Teammates.”  And doesn’t Jerry West look young?  And when did it no longer become okay for NBA players to endorse fast food?  So many questions, so little answers.

Hornets show off their new unis as well

Apologies, but this week has been an absolute mess of real life.

Julian Wright and Mo Pete

Julian Wright and Mo Pete

While I normally despise pinstripes on basketball unis, I don’t initially hate these.  They’re a clean look (at least on the home ones, I don’t know about the stripes on the roads,) the font looks much better and the color scheme looks much less forced than before.  They also look a lot more unique to New Orleans and less generic than before.

Here’s a look at their new logo package, including a redesigned primary.

Wolves officially bust out the new unis

Courtesy of TWolves Blog.

The Unstoppable at home

Mike Miller (w/ Steve Prefontaines shoes) on the road

Mike Miller (w/ Steve Prefontaine's shoes) on the road

Well, at least the font isn’t microscopic, like we thought. I’m digging the side panel, espescially the hidden M and W between the trees. I also like the fact that they say “Wolves” and “Minnesota” instead of just “Timberwolves.” That collar is still half-assed and annoying, but overall it’s not as bad as it could have been.

Stay tuned for the official shots of the new Hornets duds later this week.

Weekend Retro Ad: Free. Style.

Yeah, we all thought this was great the first time, but damn did they ever run this one into the ground.  By the time it was parodied in Scarry Movie 2, it had jumped the shark, jumped back across the shark, then blew by it with a fancy crossover.  I still laugh when people really thought Jason Williams was going to be a marketable star.