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Steve Nash and B Diddy are . . . Stepbrothers


First look at new Kings, Wolves, and Magic unis

Get em while they’re hot. From this week’s NBA rookie photoshoot and courtesy of Getty Images.

Not bad, an improvement over the Sacramento Monarchs wordmark they had before.  I’d switch the letters/numbers to white with a black outline, but otherwise these are fine.

Uhhh huuuuh.  I’m pretty sure Love is wearing the old Wolves jersey underneath.  At least I hope so, otherwise Adidas completely fucked up those collars with an outdated look that’s not even symmetrical.  I like the new font and “pine trees” on the side of the jersey, but do the letters have to be so small? These are tolerable if that pine tree trim isn’t actually part of the collar.

Okay, I thought when Indiana dropped them in 2005 that the NBA finally agreed to keep pinstripes back in the 90’s where they belong.  Why bring them back and not even make them straight?  I’ll reserve final judgment for the finished product, but thumbs down for the Spiderman pinstripes.

Also, the HornetsReport boards have a mock up of the new Hornets jerseys, which are supposedly about 94% accurate.

Again, not a fan of the stripes, though the font is better and I like the gold lettering on the roads.

Expect these to be officially unveiled in August.

The ROC is in the buildi . . . wait, what?

And Ron Ron’s a Rocket

It's funny because it's true

Ron Artest to Houston for Bobby Jackson, a first rounder and Donte Green as broken by the Houston Chronicle. Not a bad deal for both teams. Houston gets a great defender who likes playing for Rick Adelman and (they hope) will be the missing piece to getting them out of the first round. Sacramento gets a decent expiring contract, a nice young prospect in Greene and a draft pick for someone who they absolutely had to get rid of. Sure beats the prospect of trading him within the division and only getting back Lamar Odom.

The real key to this is that it now opens the door for Tru Warrier records to become a major player. With unfiltered access to Houston’s hip-hop scene, it’s only a matter of time before we get a screwed and chopped version of My World.

Detroit hoping to cakewalk through the East

Yeah, I know that was a painful pun.

Looks like the Lakers will not bring back Kwame Brown after all. ESPN is reporting that the Pistons have agreed to a two year $8 million deal with the former #1 overall pick. I guess they felt they needed some frontcourt depth, but it is a little disturbing that he’s going to make more money than Rodney Stuckey, Jason Maxiell and Ahmir Johnson next year, despite the fact that he’s going to provide more suck than good.

But at least it isn’t just white seven foot stiffs who can get overpaid in 2008.

Republicans must not be buying sneakers anymore

Lebron James has donated $20,000 to a committee to elect Barack Obama according to the LA Times. This marks a huge small barely noticeable step in the political awakening of one of the world’s biggest athletes.  Whereas in the past, superstar athletes like Michael jordan and more recently Tiger Woods have been mum on anything resembling politics or social isssues, Bron has stepped up and . . . donated an ultimately small amount to a committee that endorses one particular presidential candidate over another.

Ultimately, it just represents one man doing with his money what a lot of wealthy men do.  Nothing deeper than that, and that’s okay.

In related news, Kurt Rambis donated $20 to a local Kiwanis Club.

Dre Breezy made a very wealthy man

In non-Soviet Latvia, contract signs you.

Andris Biedrins will stay in the good ol You Ess of Ay after all, as Golden State’s offer of six years and $63 million was enough to keep the Guido-haired Latvian from signing with a European club. He now joins Andrew Bogut as one of this summer’s severely overpaid white centers (first one to average a double double gets a bowl of chicken wild rice soup.) Emeka Okafor must be cursing the fact that there isn’t a “-ski” or “-vich” somewhere in his name.

This (should) end a memorable offseason for the Warriors, who essentially swapped Baron Davis, a protected first rounder and all of their future cap flexibility for Corey Maggette, Laptop Williams, Ronny Turiaf and the right to hold on to Monta Ellis, Dre Breezy and Kelenna Azubuike. They also drafted Anthony Randolph, aka Brandan Wright’s anorexic twin. I don’t know what Chris Mullins’ flattopped head is thinking, but apparently the goal is to contend for the eighth seed in the West every year and hope one of your upside-heavy toothpicks turns into a decent Tayshaun Prince-esque player.

I’m not sure nor do I care if this counts as irony (fucking 90’s,) but it’s at least gotta be worth something that the two most active teams this offseason, Golden State and the Clippers, haven’t really improved their lot at all even with all the moves they made. You’d think with two active teams, the Pacific division would look a lot different, but it doesn’t. The Lakers are still the favorites, Phoenix is still good unless Terry Porter proves he sucks (for the record, I think he’ll do great,) and the Clips, Kings and Warriors are all borderline playoff teams at best, just like last year (well, if the Clips would have had a healthy Elton Brand for the whole season.)

The NBA: Where the more things change, the more they stay the same Happens.